1 10K ISLANDS : Hurricane Preparation Mix by ANR's John Hancock

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hurricane Preparation Mix by ANR's John Hancock

One half of ANR, John Hancock, has put together a mix of some of his favorite tunes. Download the mix and check out the track-listing below. If anything in this playlist really gets you excited, just about everything included is available at all digital and most independent physical retailers.

Track-listing :

Parliament Funkadelic : Unreleased Demo.

Big Boi : Turns Me On.

Beautiful Swimmers : Big Coast.

Morphologic : The Heart Urchin Pea Crab.

Yoko Ono : Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him.

Prince : The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker.

Excert from The Talking Parakeet.

Elvin Jones / Jimmy Garrison Sextet : Oriental Flower.

Morphologic : The Squat Urchin Shrimp.

Cee-Lo Green : Bass Head Jazz.

Morphologic : The Florist.

Avey Tare : Crumbling Land.

Roy Haynes.

The Clash : The Call Up.

How To Dress Well : Decisions (Featuring YΓΌksel Arslan).

Harmonia : Sehr Kosmisch.

Neu! : '86 Commercial Trash.

La Dusseldorf : White Overalls.

No Age : Glitter

Beings : excerpt from Quiet Village.

Sonic Youth : Schizophrenia.

Beings : another excerpt from Quiet Village.

Beach Boys : All I Wanna Do.

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