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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Dirty Side Of The Music Business - Interns

Almost as riveting as our Surfer Blood Vs. Joy Division story, the NY Times did some actual research and interviews for a great piece on
Pretty much everyone I know in the music industry started out as an intern. 
If you're not born into it, you gotta work/grind for it. Music Business school is helpful, but it seems that you can get more experience, as much networking and spend less dinero interning.
I myself started interning at a booking agency during college and in my first week I dropped a $250,000.00 check for a not-so-great Canadian band behind the copy machine. I spent 20 minutes leaning on the copy machine...learning names, acting cool, a lot of pointing at people walking by and poking behind the copy machine with my feet. 
I found it.

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